Advancing gender equality and women’s leadership in selected industries

Some of the fastest growing industries are also the most male-dominated ones. And even when gender equality is prioritized, progress often tends to not be evenly spread, with barriers for women persisting in certain corporate functions. During this session, leaders from various industries will address how they are advancing gender equality in the workplace and marketplace and share their solutions to questions like: How can you set realistic but ambitious targets for women’s leadership when female workforce participation is low? How do you ensure flexibility and support working parents when simply working from home is not an option? How can you anticipate backlash, tackle stereotypes and engage male leadership and colleagues in meaningful ways?

This session is organized in collaboration with UN partners and Global Compact Local Networks from across the region and is part of the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development. Stay up to date on the full programme here:

Opening Remarks:
– Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary, UNECE
Keynote Speakers:
– Ursula Wynhoven, Representative to the UN in New York, ITU
– Aldijana Sisic, Chief, Multi Stakeholder Partnerships and Advisory Services, UN Women

– Salome Zurabishvili, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Georgia
– Anabela Vaz Ribeiro, Executive Director, Global Compact Network Portugal

– Asel Kubanychbekova, Founder, Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund, Kyrgyzstan
– David Garcia Nuñez, Communications Director, FCC Construccion, S.A, Spain
– Esra Beyzadeoglu, Chief People and Culture Officer, Hepsiburada, Turkey
– Juliet Thomson, EVP People, John Menzies plc, UK
– Nataša Malić, Operations Director, Hrvatski Telekom, Croatia
– Pascale Alpha, Director, Public Affairs and Global Communications, CAE Inc, Canada
– Thomas Nagbøl Mejlgård, Senior Vice President, People, Brand & Sustainability, Semco Maritime, Denmark