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CSR Hellas, University of Crete and The American College of Greece

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  Please be informed about the new offer from the Greek Global Compact Network:    CSR HELLAS, Greek National Partner of CSR Europe, initiates the 1st Public – Private Partnership in the field of vocational education and training in Sustainability and Responsibility, cooperating with the University of Crete and The American College of Greece. The Summer School approaches traditional Corporate Social Responsibility issues, widening its scope towards the New CSR covering the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility topics of modern businesses. The Summer School aims to provide advanced training to leading professionals, entrepreneurs and young researchers about the identification of sustainability-related business opportunities, the inclusion of sustainability in the core of the business strategy, as well as about the ensuing responsible corporate management. During these six days, the participants will attend lectures from leading academic faculty members; discuss case studies presented by experienced senior professionals, and experiment with relevant real business cases.   Registration:  Take advantage of the Early-bird registration and find out more at   The objectives of the Summer School on CSR
  • Raise awareness: Ideas for generating sustainable value for business and society will arise through a higher level of awareness about corporate responsibility and SDG from leading academic faculty members and senior professionals with expertise in the field.
  • Provide advanced training in the management of sustainability in business: Obtaining managerial capabilities, through training future corporate leaders in the relevant tools, constitutes a prerequisite for exploiting the business opportunity of SDGs. This objective is in line with the first UN Principle for Responsible Management Education.
  • Promote interaction among current and future professionals, researchers and faculty members related to corporate responsibility and SDGs, so as to disseminate and extend our knowledge regarding the effective approaches and challenges in meeting social and environmental responsibilities. This objective is in line with the fourth, the fifth and the sixth UN Principle for Responsible Management Education.
  Tutors of the Summer School will be
  • Dr. Ioannis Ioannou, London Business School,
  • Dr. Constantine Manasakis, University of Crete,
  • Dr. Alexandros Antonaras, University of Nicosia & CSR Cyprus
  • Dr. Pavlos A. Vlachos, The American College of Greece
  • Mr. Jan Noterdaeme, Catholic University of Louvain & CSR Europe
  Additional Information
  • The Summer School on CSR will be in English only
  • Same rates as the ones for CSR HELLAS members will be applied for members of all NPOs that are willing to attend.
  • Additionally, the reduced rates applied for postgraduate/ PhD students will be applied for staff members of the NPOs that might want to participate in the training.
  • Please find more information on