CoP Information Session

Submitting the enhanced Communication on Progress in 2023

Review Webinar: on how to prepare the Communication on Progress (CoP) report for companies

Are you ready for the new Communication on Progress? Or did you miss our information sessions last year and have further questions? Starting 1 March all business participants will submit their Communication on Progress (CoP) through the UN Global Compact’s digital platform. Participants will have until 30 June to submit the CoP questionnaire and CEO statement of continued support and retain „active“ status.

In this information session:

  1. We’ll give an overview of the CoP Questionnaire and CEO statement of continued support
  2. Review important aspects of the CoP policy, and showcase the available resources to make sure you have everything you need to submit successfully

Wednesday, 1 of February 2023
15:00 – 16:00 Uhr

If you have any questions, please contact Johannes Hämmerle.

Live demonstrations for the new CoP platform on 8 of February and 22 of February | Mehr Infos und Anmeldung.

Johannes Hämmerle

Netzwerkmanagement & Reporting