Deep Dive Series

Modernizing Executive Pay

How executive pay can become a catalyst for positive change

Many business leaders and companies claim sustainability to be a top priority, yet efforts are often undermined by outdated financial incentives that reward executives to deliver short-term gains. This needs to change.

The UN Global Compact Academy Deep Dive series on Modernizing Executive Pay, developed in partnership with nonprofit research initiative Reward Value Foundation, is here to help you explore how executive pay can become a catalyst for positive change in your company.

The three-part series taking place on 7, 14 and 21 February 2023 is anchored in Reward Value’s Principles of Responsible Remuneration — a new guidance developed in close consultation with investors, companies, and universities around the world to help companies future-proof executive pay models.Through expert instruction, facilitated discussions, and case study exploration, you will learn how to:

– Assess your company’s executive pay policy with a focus on alignment of purpose and pay
– Identify the actions your company can take today to modernize executive pay as a catalyst for positive change
– Understand how to promote sustainable performance and stimulate purposeful corporate decision making
– Develop an action plan for company wide implementation of these principles

Tuesday, 21 of February 2023